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Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell

Growth expert focused on profit. Using all the management team I enable a company to identify their most attractive markets. I then formulate a critical success plan to ensure profitable growth in those markets using all the team minus silo thinking

Business Coach

Strategic Business Actions Ltd

42 Grange Road

Tel: 07914076355
Email: sean.farrell1958@gmail.com
Website: http://

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By: Karl Newton (Cartridge Cosmos) 23/10/2019

Sean has come on board with us at Cartridge Cosmos over the last couple of months. He has made an amazing difference to the way we do and think about business and especially sales. Because Sean has such a wealth of business experience he is able to instil you with the confidence that you 'can' do business and that you don't have any problems that most other companies don't face too. We look forward to continuing to work with Sean and we're confident that he will help us to grow. I can't recommend Sean highly enough and have already directed other people to him and will of course continue to do in the future.