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Back on Track Teens is working to transform the lives of young people globally through a program called Ignition! - The Spark to Your Success. Ignition! is a personal empowerment program for young people - educating young people to know how to be confident, have great self worth and resilience and to have vision and direction for their futures.

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By: Karl Newton (Cartridge Cosmos) 23/08/2022

It's a tribute to BNI that every testimonial isn't all about money but about the support and advice that is readily available from the members of your Chapter. Recently during a conversation over breakfast, I was Telling TeeJay about my daughters unusual medical condition, Gastroparesis. It's a debilitating condition of the stomach and particularly associated with the Vegas Nerve. It took many years to even get a diagnosis as Drs very often don't know very much about it or don't recognise it
TeeJay, in her capacity of Pharmacist understood the condition and recommended a new device she uses in her therapy sessions called 'Sensate'. It works on vibration, stimulation and meditation.
Yesterday Becki was really suffering with pain and terrible nausea. She would normally resort to lots of tablets, which may or may not have helped. She thought she would try Sensate first and after a session, she felt miles better and left the tablets in the packet.
What price can you put on advice like that, when it relieves your kids distress and pain? Thank you TeeJay - I'm forever in your debt.