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TeeJay Dowe

Personal Empowerment for Young people. Youth Coaching. Youth Coach Training

Back on Track Teens is working to transform the lives of young people globally through a program called Ignition! - The Spark to Your Success. Ignition! is a personal empowerment program for young people - educating young people to know how to be confident, have great self worth and resilience and to have vision and direction for their futures.

Back On Track Teens

Suite 3 Trent House
234 Victoria Road

Tel: 07886 234197
Email: teejay@backontrackteens.com
Website: http://www.backontrackteens.com

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By: Don Nicely (Potteries Mortgage Desk) 01/09/2021

I just want to take this opportunity to endorse the fantastic work that Tee Jay does with young people. Young people are under enormous pressure from all angles and Tee Jay and the various people she has trained have a very important role. Being a parent to an eighteen year old daughter & a nineteen year old son makes me aware that Teenage mental illness/awareness is a topical subject.

I’m now about to get 2 copies of your latest book, Spark Your Success.

Keep up the good work Tee Jay

Don Nicely